The Birth Nest

Hello my name is Abigail and here is some information about The Birth Nest.

I have been working alongside women and their families as a Birth Doula, Massage Therapist, Hynobirthing Teacher, Antenatal Educator, Breast Feeding Supporter and Placenta Specialist for 7 years now.

Having spent hundreds of hours listening, talking to and nurturing pregnant women and their partners, what I’ve realised is that they already know when things don’t feel right and from a deeply connected place they want to know how to do the best they can for their unborn child.

The Birth Nest offers bespoke and personalised services in the comfort of your own home.

The Birth Nest supports women to fill in the gaps of knowledge, to understand and listen to their body.

Women I work with are asking the same questions about choice, knowledge and control, they want to know the facts, empower themselves and prepare for their own amazing births.

The Birth Nest offers a range of personalised services to support women in early pregnancy right through to the postnatal stage – the fourth trimester.

I have expertise in working with:

  • First time mum’s who want to feel confident, unique and listened to
  • Women wanting to heal from previous birth experiences
  • Supporting women wanting to navigate the maternity system and birth how they want to in hospital
  • Home birth, water birth and hypnobirthing couples

I am a member of the following organisations and professional bodies.

As a symbol, The Birth Nest represents a place of safety where women can grow and learn and feel nurtured by me and by each other. A woman may begin her journey feeling vulnerable or unsure but she will leave The Birth Nest having learnt to spread her wings and confidently fly high.

If you are wondering what small changes you can make to feel more confident and calm about your pregnancy and birth please join our mailing list by clicking on the link below to download your FREE ‘Checklist for a calm and confident pregnancy and birth’.

I look forward to meeting you soon!