Online Doula Sessions

  • Why is it that even if I am surrounded by professionals, family and friends with lots of advice and experience to share that somewhere inside I still feel alone on this journey?
  • How is it that behind my confident smile and attentive listening I still wish I had asked those questions that really matter to me?
  • Why does this fear creep through me and these anxieties overwhelm me?
  • When will I ever have the courage to explore the ideas I have in my head about how I would like my birth to be?
  • I feel out of control and fearful about my labour and birth. I want to feel knowledgeable, calm and confident.
  • I still feel traumatised from my last birth, how can I even begin to feel positive about this pregnancy?

    All these thoughts and questions can be explored safely and openly when I support you as a Doula in pregnancy. My support has no agenda attached to it, I do not judge or persuade or have expected outcomes for your labour and birth.

Online Doula Sessions 

The main reason I began building my business and reaching out to more women was because I understood the impact a conversation could have on someone’s experience.

Just one conversation that felt genuine, committed and focussed on you.

A discussion that explored your concerns, that brought issues to the surface you had previously not been able to put words to. Having someone who actually had the time to listen to everything you had to say, on your terms and ideally when and where it felt most comfortable for you.

I love talking to women and couples, I love being able to listen, to explore, to find resources, information, facts and statistics, answers and solutions.

Above all I love it when women realise they don’t need to ask permission, that saying no thank you is a valid response, that challenging a decision is quite acceptable and that their opinion on the matter in hand is not only valuable but actually it should lead discussions.

Because of all the reasons above I decided to launch my online doula services, to reach more women who needed support to get unstuck or to overcome blocks in their pregnancy journey.

Your Body Your Baby Your Birth are 1 hour conversations using online conference video to connect with each other.

Who these sessions are for:

You have been told you need to be induced early or advised that you should have a c-section at the end of your pregnancy

You’ve been given an unexpected diagnosis of gestational diabetes and are worried about how this will affect your pregnancy and birth

You have been advised against your planned home birth

You want a VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Caesarean but you don’t feel supported by your consultant

You have a breach, back to back or transverse positioned baby and want to know what you can do to increase your chances of correcting position before birth

You are consultant led and want to know how this will change your experience of birthing in hospital

You want to write a birth plan with a doula that supports an active and empowered birth

You want support to feel less confused and drawn into a process that is taking over your birth plans

You have no-one else in your immediate circle who understands how you are feeling and why you are unhappy with the medical advice you have been given

The Online Doula Session includes:

  • 60 minute 1:1 time to Ask Me Anything

  • An email with the attached resources, templates and links discussed during our session

  • A Check-In email 1 week later to see how you are feeling

Online Doula Session

Your Body Your Baby Your Birth – £50


Birth is a huge event in every woman’s life, it transforms relationships and defines us as we become parents again or for the first time.

Using my knowledge, research and experience of maternity services and birth I will work with you to answer questions, ensure you feel informed, confident and aware of your choices, options and rights.

Book your Online Doula Sessions now and free yourself of the doubts and fears, ask me anything and I will always support you to come up with the information and solutions you need.

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“Abbie really listened to our concerns and needs, both physical and emotional and based on that she empowered us with all the information related to those concerns. That in turn allowed us to make important decisions feeling informed. We were able to achieve a wonderful birth by planned ‘gentle caesarean’ in a way that was beyond our expectations”


“In short, Abigail was the only person who really believed in me and my ability to birth. Abigail believed in my body before my husband, my mum and even before me. Her unwaivering faith in me grew until I started to believe it too. She supported me unconditionally and gave me the space to explore my fears and face what I needed to do. Without this support I believe I would have had a very different birth story”


“During labour Abigail was calm, she protected our space and communicated with midwives about our choice on several occasions when I was unable to. She kept telling me to listen to my body and every time I started to panic her confident but gentle voice brought me back in to my head and away from my fear”


“Abigail helped my husband feel involved and part of the whole process and I felt completely supported”


“I believe Abigail is a doula through to her bones! She has the wishes, support and strength of pregnant women in the forefront of her mind and that comes out in everything she says and does”


“Every woman should have a Doula! Abigail helped me to focus on what I really wanted, she gave me the confidence to have a voice and advocated for me when I was unable to speak for myself. Abigail gave my partner the confidence he needed to be able to be my birthing partner and not feel pressured or nervous”


“Abbie was totally professional and impartial, she was good at rapport building and worked well the midwives to create a relaxed and friendly environment”


“As part of our package we had four hypnobirthing sessions that were extended to include ‘getting to know you’, writing a birth plan and birth choices and some pregnancy massages”


“Things moved fast in early labour and took my partner and I by surprise. Abbie arrived before the midwife and was very calm, relaxed and confident which gave me the confidence that everything was as it should be. Abbie helped to get the pool ready and the room set up just I wanted it”