Start preparing for your postnatal recovery by booking your placenta encapsulation

Abigail Todd – Your Placenta Remedies Specialist

I am a mum of three and had two of my own placentas encapsulated after the birth of my babies.

The difference the capsules made during my postnatal recovery sparked my passion for placenta encapsulation.

The benefits I experienced were amazing and and made such a difference to my time bonding, breastfeeding and being a mum to my other children.

I am a fully qualified member of the Placenta Remedies Network. I follow strict Codes of Conduct and Food Safety Management Systems. I use Environmental Health Approved processes and hospital grade sterilising and cleaning fluids.

I undergo annual refresher training to maintain the safety and hygiene of the processes used to transform your placenta into your postnatal wonder pills.

I only process one placenta at a time and it remains labeled throughout so there is no chance of mixing up capsules.

Each woman’s needs are different after giving birth and placenta encapsulation provides different opportunities and benefits based on the physical needs of the individual mother’s body

What Are The Benefits Of Placenta Encapsulation?

Recognised benefits of placenta encapsulation:

  • Help to balance your hormones Replenish depleted iron levels
  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Reduce post-natal bleeding
  • Increase milk production – this has been proven in a study
  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable post-natal period
  • Increase your energy levels

Up to 80% of women experience the baby blues within the first week of birth. Women who consume their placenta report fewer emotional issues and a more enjoyable babymoon. Some of the biggest risk factors for post natal depression are lack of sleep, exhaustion and lack of support. Low iron can result in feeling depressed and exhausted – imagine how much harder motherhood would be with low iron, and the exhaustion that comes with it? Could the placenta be nature’s anti-depressant?

“I’m so glad I decided to get Abigail to encapsulate my placenta after the birth of our second baby. I really struggled with my hormones and emotions the first time round,  It took me four months to start to enjoy my baby and I was keen to make things different this time. Abigail came to collect my placenta first thing on a Saturday morning and the capsules were back with me by Monday morning. I was initially a bit skeptical about the difference it would make but I can confidently say the experience has been so wonderfully different this time. I am certain that encapsulating my placenta helped and Abigail’s service was fantastic, checking up on me afterwards to make sure everything was ok. I would recommend encapsulating your placenta to everyone and particularly Abigail as it has made such a huge difference.”

The process:

After booking your encapsulation you just need to pay a deposit and the final payment is due a week before your due date.

I collect the placenta from you wherever you birth. I provide a cool-bag kit with everything you need for safe chilling storage until I arrive to collect it.

Once I have collected the placenta it takes approx 48 hours to process and return to you.

The main decision regarding your placenta encapsulation is choosing the method – Simple or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The main difference between the two methods is that the Simple capsules are not steamed prior to dehydration and TCM capsules are.Some research has shown that the Simple Method retains the highest level of hormones and nutrients in the placenta and can produces a greater number of pills, providing benefits over a longer period of time.


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  • “I felt like I had so much energy, even though I had a newborn and a toddler to brestfeed and look after”
  • “I booked my encapsulation to avoid the low moods I experienced before. The whole 8 weeks I was taking the capsules I felt amazing even though I was tired”
  • “I just loved my wonder pills, felt so empowered by having them and really missed them when i’d finished, recommend to all pregnant mums to book with Abigail”
  • “Excellent service and the capsules helped massively with healing after my c-section. My milk came in on day 2 which amazed me. My family said they noticed the difference too, i wasnt at-all teary and really enjoyed my postnatal time”

Mothers Love Package

Placenta collection from birth location

Placenta capsules

Umbilical cord keepsake

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Placenta Cool-bag kit for birth can be hired for £15 in Ipswich/Woodbridge area or £25 elsewhere in Suffolk/Essex